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4th Forum for Vaccine Elites, a sub-forum of BIO-FORUM 2015

Chair of Vaccine Elites: Bin WANG, Ph.D., Professor, Fudan University,

Li SHI, Ph.D., CEO, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology

The 4th Forum for Vaccine Elites, a sub-forum of The 17th Shanghai International Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Forum(BIO-FORUM 2015), will be held in Shanghai, China, June 8-10, 2015. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased and honored to invite you for participating this important event.

Vaccines have historically been the most effective means to fight and eradicate infectious diseases. Although vaccines save millions of life each year, more than 40 infectious diseases have emerged or reemerged since 1970, posing great public health threats worldwide. Particularly, recent broken up of Ebola has posed a great danger not only for Africa but for globe public health. To understand how to fight with these life-threating infectious diseases by using vaccines is a main topic to be discussed at this forum. The presentations and discussions on related topics will benefit and help to develop new technologies, new vaccines and prevention measures. As shown by the success of recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the conjugate vaccines for prevention of the relative diseases, further integration between discovery research units and vaccine industries would be the key for future success of vaccine development. This forum provides a platform among international scientists and vaccine experts to discuss how to bridge the gaps between fundamental research projects and their translational application to vaccine product development and to build solid international collaborations.

PRELIMINARY TOPICS of 4th Forum for Vaccine Elites

New Trends and Frontier of Vaccine R&D

Latest Vaccine R&D in China

Vaccine against Infectious Diseases

Vaccine against Non-infectious Disease

Bioprocess, Production and Manufacturing