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'Formulation Research on Biological Macromolecular Drugs' will be one of the sessions of Bio-Forum 2016

Biological macromolecular drugs has become a new impetus to the development of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The topic of 'Formulation Research on Biological Macromolecular Drugs' will be one of the sessions of Bio-Forum 2016.

Because of its specificity and efficiency, biopharmaceuticals or biological macromolecules including peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines etc., have outstanding efficacy far beyond that of traditional chemical drugs for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc., a variety of illnesses.

However, due to the complexity and inherent instability of biological macromolecules, biological macromolecules medicine development often face a variety of products and technological issues due to their instability etc. problems, which further affect the product quality, efficacy, and safety, resulting in product development failure.

Biopharmaceutical or biological macromolecules product formulation research and development not only plays an important role in the safety and effectiveness of the final product, but also a key step converting research into actual product. At present, China biological macromolecules product formulations research and development is basically still scarcity in both research and talents.

The formulation research and staff development in China are all in particular needs to be improved. This session will discuss the concept of biological macromolecules formulation development, strategy and new technologies in combination with the domestic and international practice of in the field, thus promoting the rapid development of China's biological product formulation research and development.